About Us

At Ream Man Valve Bodies, our personal and professional goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products as well as exceptional customer service and technical support. We are dedicated to helping you solve all your valve body problems, which have been haunting the industry for years.

Each of our remanufactured valve bodies are individually tested using a dyno testing machine. This machine acts as a transmission in a car and tests each shift points and solenoids to ensure your product is fully functional.

Ream Man Valve Bodies install Sonnax updates to provide you with the highest quality product available. All of our solenoids are tested for integrity and efficiency.

Ream Man Valve Bodies is a member of the Sonnax TASC Force™  and member of ATRA Supplier.

How Ream Man Valve Bodies was established.

Being a transmission shop owner and re-builder, our business has benefited by having re-manufactured and repaired valve bodies with tested results. I have had a chance to see the failed parts on pre-testing, and install the updated parts, relieving myself of the dreaded comebacks associated with valve body problem. With pre-testing valve bodies I have found varying degrees of wear. Areas unique in wear now have after-market updated parts available from SONNAX Industries. After installation of updated components, the valve body performs as well or better than OEM valve bodies in most cases. At any rate the improvements were highly needed and cannot be over emphasized. Prior to computer testing equipment, i was aware that there were problems in the valve bodies, but not to the extent that i could see once i was able to test valve bodies on our test machines.

    Updated components of the valve body are usually in five areas: 1: O-rings on boost sleeves prevent leaks on the outside of the valve sleeves. 2: The use of high-grade aviation aluminum. This aluminum is also used to make NASCAR engine pistons. 3: Aluminum sleeves used to repair bores, use circular port holes to stop side loading pressure, to avoid scuffing of the valve body bore and give greater life and more accuracy to the operation of the valve body. 4: Annular grooves are small grooves cut in the valve itself to retain small amounts of fluid. Similar effect to an oil ring on a piston in an engine. The use of annular grooving on valves, allows for continuous lubrication of casting bores to eliminate scuffing. 5: A major improvement is the use of hot test solenoid verification, knowing when to replace certain solenoids. Also insures overall valve body functions. At first thought most transmission specialists balk at the cost of upgraded pre-tested valve bodies, as did I.

    As a shop owner and re-builder, we are always concerned about the initial cost when pricing transmission repairs. After taking an open minded approach to the problems that exist in todays computer controlled transmissions and PWM I have found; the quality of repairs that I have done with these re-manufactured valve bodies, have eliminated comebacks caused by valve bodies. It has proven time and time again that it is not only more cost-effective, it is less stressful and aggravating to do the whole transmission correctly the first time. I sincerely stand behind all the statements I've made and hope this testimonial will serve as a benefit to answering some questions you may have.
-Alan Henfling, Owner Ream Man Valve Bodies.

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